Man raised from birth as a female is calling out the evil of ‘transing’ kids

So now we find out that THERE ARE differences between men and women that can not be overcome just as the CREATOR designed it. This is a vital lesson in ignoring the many hare brains through out the medical profession.

(LifeSiteNews) — Earlier this week, The Daily Wire published a gut-wrenching editorial penned by Sophie Ottaway titled “Doctors Performed A Sex Change Operation On Me At Two-Days-Old. I Found Out Decades Later.” It is yet another cautionary tale detailing the folly of gender ideology and the suffering borne by its victims.

When Sophie was 22, Ottaway discovered something stunning during a “routine trip to the doctor’s office” – that Ottaway was born male. Two days after birth, doctors had decided to remove “my split penis and testes” and “directed my parents to raise me as a female,” ordering them to keep this fact from Sophie “under the guise of psychological protection.” Ottaway is now 37 and decided to pen the editorial to lay out “the journey I undertook to make peace with myself and my body.” 

And that’s when a switch flipped in my brain – enough was enough. Not only had surgeons conducted unnecessary gender reassignment surgeries on my childhood body – I’d spent a whole lifetime without a vagina only to land in hospital with sepsis caused by a failed fake vagina that I never knew existed.

If those birth surgeries were legitimately conducted to help me, then why would I be facing a critical illness due to a vagina a baby boy should never have had? What value could a pseudo vagina ever have been to a two-day-old baby? Was I part of a medical experiment?

You are correct. This experiment was intended first to show an evolutinary background and further to show there is NO difference between the sexes as both are fully interchangeable. This is a MEDICAL practitioner lie from the beginning.

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If this isn’t child abuse of the highest order, I don’t know what could ever qualify. Where is it written that doctors are permitted to make life altering decisions that involve sex change rather than repair of birth defects? The answer is that these people believe they are smarter than everyone else and uniquely qualified to do so by their own dictates. These are the type of people that will make up the New World order in the last days.

This is an existential threat to the continuance of the two gender system, very necessary to cause the populace to believe there are multiple possibilities. However, inconvenient as it may be, Sophie;s experience demonstrates that there is order and purpose to mankind from creation onwards. A man cannot be turned into a woman nor a woman into a man as physical functionality is reduced and decay accelerated according to the second law of thermodynamics.

As it is written in Genesis 1:27: “So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.”

PayPal a Tyrannical Money Platform Exerting Absolute Control

by Allen Williams

After nearly two months of waiting I had a choice to make: (1) Did I want to forget my refund on the AC compressor and just dump PayPal? Or (2) Would I buy a another cellphone to act as a mobile number and get back to PayPal? Since my refund was over $200, I had to take Option 2 and buy another phone. Only two places provide this service Walmart and Target. However only Target has the ability to get the phone registered and operational as Walmart didn't have a clue. A young lady at Walmart recommended I buy from Target and so I took the advice. The phone and service was set up relatively quickly as there was a pretty substantial disconnect between Target staff and the phone carrier. It appears that 'stupid' is the new normal. However I still had to get PayPal to accept the new mobile phone.

After I entered the number via the mobile request popup screen, PayPal shifted into overdrive. First they called me on the new phone and had me type in the special code that was sent via the phone (I had to type it in using the cellphone key pad. Then I had to answer a bunch of questions where I selected additional methods of confirming my identity and so on.

At last I was BACK IN! As I entered the platform I scarcely recognized it, it was packed with all kinds of new options, most of which I would never use. After the brief tour, I came across a message from 'ZY' who was some lower level executive, apologetic regarding the problems I experienced logging in for nearly two months. That's when I lost it and promptly fired back with a response that's not fit to repeat. If PayPal was so concerned about my identity, why didn't they answer my requests? Because they wanted to force me to comply with the phone request. They have no respect for any of their customers, they are just 'cash cows' to be milked at will. Additionally PayPal was informed of their survey they sent me republished on Sitejabber. I wouldn't recommend them to clean toilets.

Why didn't they put a 'skip link' on the mobile phone where at least I could have gotten into the system and stated my objections. It is unprecedented to force somebody to use a particular 2nd phone to satisfy bogus identity issues. Technically they have no right to lock me out of may own account when I haven't violated any of their standards.

PayPal is out of luck because my mobile phone doesn't feature the ability to text as I requested. If they want to text me they will have to use the primary phone that they have had from the very beginning. All these financial platforms outsource their help personnel to India, Bangladesh or someplace where no one can speak English very well to keep from paying American workers to do the job. Get used to this until Artificial Intelligence (AI) can start doing the job and then these foreigners will be out of a job too'

I have my refund now so they will NOT pull this crap on me again.

Update 4-25-2023
Yesterday I received a call from PayPal about my account. It was a real person and not a BOT. However it was a reasonable facsimile in the form of a Chinese woman named Tina.(I ultimately wound up talking to two different women to get this issue resolved but was not successful.) I wouldn't be pursuing it now but I am expecting an EBAY REFUND on a purchase I made and..

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J6 Political Prisoner Ryan Samsel Beaten By Prison Guards, Loses Vision in One Eye – Now He Is Prevented from Speaking with The Gateway Pundit So We Can Tell His Story (AUDIO)

J6 Political Prisoner Ryan Samsel Beaten By Prison Guards, Loses Vision in One Eye – Now He Is Prevented from Speaking with The Gateway Pundit So We Can Tell His Story (AUDIO)

I read where Samsel was actually doing a podcast from his J6 cell for the gateway pundit showing photos of the putrid conditions of this Washington gulag which shows you how stupid his captors really are.  And now we will do our small part in getting that message out.

Does anybody yet believe these people (those who manage the jail) are not acting for foreign interests? Is this the America you know?

Ryan was beaten so badly by the guards that he lost permanent vision in one eye and partial use of his arm.  Ryan is one of several January 6 prisoners who have been held for nearly two years in prison without ever being convicted of a crime…

Ryan told The Gateway Pundit in December, the prison officials told him, “Your stuff with Gateway Pundit has to stop.”  The staff mentioned TGP contributors Cara Castronuovo and Jim Hoft by name.  “They actually said Cara and they also said, Jim Hoft with the Gateway Pundit, that we need to stop reaching out [because] we are causing trouble,” Ryan said. 

Ryan says the complaints against him are coming from Washington, DC. The FBI also wants to speak with him, but he is not interested in speaking with them.

They’re really pissed off that you’re publishing stuff on our behalf,” Ryan told The Gateway Pundit. “I was pulled aside by security here, pretty much said that it’s coming from DC.”

Wonder who these Washington people could be? Probably the same officials that don’t want the 2020 election investigated and you can guess why.. as the ‘official’ narrative would be destroyed. And how about the judge who interrupted Ryan’s podcasts? If this hasn’t exposed the J6 supposed insurrection for the lies and Psych op that it is I don’t know what ever could. This article is the real reason why Pelosi and the rest of the fish bait crowd wouldn’t release the Capitol surveillance tapes.  I hope everyone gets a good look at how the deranged federal government manages our correctional institutions.

If these bastards win we will all eventually garner the same treatment. These guards and adminstrative staff need to be held accountable for their actions, even child rapists and murderers don’t get this kind of treatment..

Actual Job Posting: The Biden-Harris Regime Is Seeking IRS Agents Who Are “Willing to Use DEADLY Force”

By J.D. Rucker


They say there’s nothing to fear about plans to add 87,000 IRS agents. They say they are not militarizing the Internal Revenue Service. But a recent job posting by the Biden-Harris regime should cause massive concern to those of us who know the IRS is coming after law-abiding middle-class Americans. 

The job posting for “IRS Criminal Investigation Special Agent” represents exactly what we’ve feared from this increasingly tyrannical federal government.  [Gone forever is the illusion often stated by the media and other political hacks that 'Paying taxes is voluntary' - ED]  As Andy Ngo reported:

The American IRS has a job posting for prospective special agents where you will need to carry a gun & be willing to kill.

Some may say that this role is a limited one and would not represent many IRS agents. Currently, the IRS-CID is comprised of just over 3,000 agents. Now they’re hiring and based on the number of guns and ammunition they’re purchasing, they will not be a small unit for long. As Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene posted on Twitter:

87,000 IRS agents will be hired with $80 billion taxpayer dollars when the Senate Reconciliation bill passes this weekend. And they’re buying more guns & ammo too. Lower to middle income Americans & small businesses will be the primary targets of Democrat’s new IRS force.