PayPal a Tyrannical Money Platform Exerting Absolute Control

by Allen Williams

After nearly two months of waiting I had a choice to make: (1) Did I want to forget my refund on the AC compressor and just dump PayPal? Or (2) Would I buy a another cellphone to act as a mobile number and get back to PayPal? Since my refund was over $200, I had to take Option 2 and buy another phone. Only two places provide this service Walmart and Target. However only Target has the ability to get the phone registered and operational as Walmart didn't have a clue. A young lady at Walmart recommended I buy from Target and so I took the advice. The phone and service was set up relatively quickly as there was a pretty substantial disconnect between Target staff and the phone carrier. It appears that 'stupid' is the new normal. However I still had to get PayPal to accept the new mobile phone.

After I entered the number via the mobile request popup screen, PayPal shifted into overdrive. First they called me on the new phone and had me type in the special code that was sent via the phone (I had to type it in using the cellphone key pad. Then I had to answer a bunch of questions where I selected additional methods of confirming my identity and so on.

At last I was BACK IN! As I entered the platform I scarcely recognized it, it was packed with all kinds of new options, most of which I would never use. After the brief tour, I came across a message from 'ZY' who was some lower level executive, apologetic regarding the problems I experienced logging in for nearly two months. That's when I lost it and promptly fired back with a response that's not fit to repeat. If PayPal was so concerned about my identity, why didn't they answer my requests? Because they wanted to force me to comply with the phone request. They have no respect for any of their customers, they are just 'cash cows' to be milked at will. Additionally PayPal was informed of their survey they sent me republished on Sitejabber. I wouldn't recommend them to clean toilets.

Why didn't they put a 'skip link' on the mobile phone where at least I could have gotten into the system and stated my objections. It is unprecedented to force somebody to use a particular 2nd phone to satisfy bogus identity issues. Technically they have no right to lock me out of may own account when I haven't violated any of their standards.

PayPal is out of luck because my mobile phone doesn't feature the ability to text as I requested. If they want to text me they will have to use the primary phone that they have had from the very beginning. All these financial platforms outsource their help personnel to India, Bangladesh or someplace where no one can speak English very well to keep from paying American workers to do the job. Get used to this until Artificial Intelligence (AI) can start doing the job and then these foreigners will be out of a job too'

I have my refund now so they will NOT pull this crap on me again.

Update 4-25-2023
Yesterday I received a call from PayPal about my account. It was a real person and not a BOT. However it was a reasonable facsimile in the form of a Chinese woman named Tina.(I ultimately wound up talking to two different women to get this issue resolved but was not successful.) I wouldn't be pursuing it now but I am expecting an EBAY REFUND on a purchase I made and..

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