Forensic Evidence of Dominion Voting Machine fraud in Antrim County, Mich

by Allen Williams

A starling revelation contradicting Dominion assertions of security and accuracy concerning the November 2020 election.  Both Dominion and the media's incessant disparaging of people who witnessed many extraordinary voting anomalies or those who outright challenged the election results. And Dominion definitely has inside help as Michigan Secretary of State, Joceyln Benson broke Michigan election law and reportedly has Chinese Connections

The following is excerpted from Lindell's lawsuit against Dominion as detailed on Frankspeech. It is not a counter suit.

So we see from Lindell's lawsuit that a warning was issued Oct 11, 2020 by judge Amy Totenberg claiming an election security breach was not just a possibility, it was simply a matter of time before the Dominion system would be compromised.  So, why on earth would you use such a system unless you intended to steal an election?

Forensic Expert Jeffrey Landberg's demonstration video of the ease by which Dominion voting machines can switch votes utilizing existing software and making no modifications to the voting machine. Watch the video here:

(From Matt Deperno's May 4, 2021 amended complaint in the 2020 election lawsuit in Antrim County, MI)[23]_ex_1_proposed_amended_complaint.pdf

We have the proof that voting machines used in the 2020 elections can be compromised and votes easily transferred from one candidate to another. We can flip votes at the tabulator/precinct level. We can flip votes at the county level. The American people are losing their voice for the future of our democracy. We must fight together for free and fair elections. Common allegations from Matt's amended complaint:

24. Common Allegations

Matt states in the common allegations of his amended complaint that Dominion voting machines (tabulators) were shown to miscount votes cast for Donald Trump and instead count them for Presidential candidate Joe Biden.

40. It is an obvious fact that Presidential candidate Joe Biden received more votes than actually cast for him including an extra 2015 "phantom votes." But for Plaintiff contacting Jim Gurr, who contacted Defendant Guy's office, this mistake would not have been corrected.

62. The Dominion EMS that sits in the office of Antrim County includes a multitude of problems found within the system that amount to gross error by defendants. One of the most important discoveries is detailed on page 15 of the Cyber Ninja's report
{Exhibit 6], Here, Cyber Ninjas discovered a Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio implant on the system. This piece of software is not approved by the Election Assistance Commission ("EAC") and allows a user to actually circumvent security protocol and make "direct edit entries within the database" which "could potentially be utilized to change vote values."

63. Benjamin Cotton has also prepared an affidavit after review of the Antrim County system [Exhibit 7]. He states that he has reviewed the forensic image of Dominion system "utilized in the November 2020 election and discovered evidence of internet communications to a number of public and private IP addresses." One connection in particular traced back to "the Ministry of Education Computer Center 12F, No 106, Sec 2, Hoping E. Rd, Taipei, Taiwan 106."....Mr Cotton's findings show that the Antrim County system was connected to the internet. Of course, Sheryl Guy deleted system files that would allow further review.  For this reason, review of other systems in other counties is critical.

64.James Penrose also explains internet connectivity on both Dominion and ES&S machines [Exhibit 8]. The Dominion Systems proposal for Antrim County shows a quote for procurement of wireless transmission capabilities. Dominion representatives also confirmed performance issues with wireless transmission of vote totals and even went as far as disabling the saving of ballot images without explicit authorization during the 2020 primary. In addition a forensic examination of a Dominion ICX machine has shown the existence of Taiwan and Germany-based IP address in unallocated space, implying there were international communications via the internet. In addition, ES&S and DS200 machines in Michigan utilized 4G network
adapters for vote transmission over the commercial Verizon network. The company that manufactures the 4G wireless modems is named Telit. Telit has recently taken investment from a major Chinese firm and according to press reporting the UK government is monitoring the situation with the concern that the Chinese government is in a position to exercise influence over Telit.

The Dominion system, in conjunction with an elaborate technocracy, is positioned to circumvent the constitutional rights of each and every citizen, not only by muting the one person one vote criterion but actually predetermining the election winner by a consortium of unknown unaccountable persons for their own untoward goals and ambitions, in short such a system forever silences the will of the majority in any election. This is the same system used to take down Venezuela in just two years.

What Dominion appears to have is a trojan horse allowing an international cabal of players to 'fix' the outcomes of any local, state or federal election guaranteeing the 'win' of the candidate of their choice, all the while leaving the American voter under the illusion that heor she is participating in a democratic process jointly choosing those who will rule over them believing elections are secure and genuinely reflect the will of the voter.

Think about it, Any law overturning guaranteed rights or even amending the US contribution to limit individual rights could be enacted by a vote of the people under the Dominion system.  It is a diabolical and evil invention,if allowed to stand without challenge, electronic voting will guarantee the end of democracy as we know it and enslave all who embrace this totalitarian architecture.  

Contact your representatives and demand they take action to deal with this fraud NOW! If your Senator or Representative tells you that there is no evidence of election fraud, THEN he or she is NOT representing you but an international cabal led by  those who hate America!!

EXCLUSIVE: Spy Plane Identified Circling the Arizona Veterans Memorial Coliseum Where the Election Audit Is Taking Place - What's Going On?

by Joe Hoft

A spy plane was identified flying over the Maricopa County audit. What information are they after?


Sunday morning we were alerted to the fact that a plane was circling around the Arizona Veterans Memorial Coliseum last week.  We received only the picture above.  We followed up and found more information on this plane and additional information on other events where a plane circled the sky in a similar fashion.  One such incident was in San Bernadino after the shooting spree by Islamic terrorists Farook and Malik

But we looked further into this flight above in Arizona and found the plane used was owned by the City of Phoenix:

No Amendment to the Constitution is Absolute," Aspiring Dictator Biden Claims

"No Amendment to the Constitution is Absolute," Aspiring Dictator Biden Claims

This line isn’t in the White House’s prepared remarks. Biden threw it in because he memorized it and keeps using it.

As a dog returns to its vomit, Biden returns to his totalitarian applause line.

Biden added that “no amendment to the Constitution is absolute. You can’t yell ‘fire’ in a crowded movie theater and call it freedom of speech. From the very beginning, you couldn’t own any weapon you wanted to own. From the very beginning of the Second Amendment existed, certain people weren’t allowed to have weapons.”

That was earlier this month.

Whoever wrote Biden's speech did not put in the "crowded movie theater" line. They knew it was a bad idea. One of the more infamous Supreme Court rulings that anyone who cares about civil rights loathes. Not only was it overturned, but everyone on the Right and the Left hates it because it's a dumb and dangerous cliche justifying governmental abuses of power.

What is with Michigan government?

by Allen Williams

The state’s attorney general and Secretary of state are not doing their jobs. The legislature has authority over elections and election integrity. The attorney general should be enforcing the will of the people concerning allegations of election fraud.

Are they all drinking from Flint’s contaminated water supply in Lansing?

In Matt Deperno’s elections forensic report he indicates that 66,194 ballot voter IDs not found in the October registration database.  -

Michigan has absolutely NO election integrity whatsoever, people could just as readily have voted on pieces of toilet paper. What exactly is the function of this legislature besides threatening attorneys?

The recent Antrim county forensic analysis has revealed Dominion voting machines have engaged in fraudulent activities in the 2020 election in this county leading to false election results.  Redacted analysis files in PDF format that demonstrate these anomalies may be downloaded from attorney Matt Deperno’s website at  And rest assured that they are also republished on

Is anyone in this august legislative body capable of understanding that these directors are under the direct influence of the communist party?

Attorney Matt Deperno has posted the court approved forensic analysis results citing specific acts of fraud committed by the voting hardware and software.  Here are some of the key findings, images from the report are not reproduced here:

The Antrim County forensic analysis contradicts the claim that Dominion Machines were not, could not be connected to the internet.: "The Dominion ImageCast Precinct (ICP) machines have the ability to be connected to the internet (see Image 11). By connecting a network scanner to the ethernet port on the ICP machine and creating Packet Capture logs from the machines we examined show the ability to connect to the network, Application Programming Interface (API) (a data exchange between two different systems) calls and web (http) connections to the Election Management System server. Best practice is to disable the network interface card to avoid connection to the internet. This demonstrated a significant and fatal error in security and election integrity. Because certain files have been deleted, we have not yet found origin or destination; but our research continues.   

The forensic analysis revealed that Dominion did NOT tabulate the data based on 1 person 1 vote but was a 'weighted' tabulation: A high "error rate" in the election software (in this case 68.05%) reflects an algorithm used that will weight one candidate greater than another (for instance, weight a specific candidate at a 2/3 to approximately 1/3 ratio). In the logs we identified that the RCV or Ranked Choice Voting Algorithm was enabled (see image below from the Dominion manual). This allows the user to apply a weighted numerical value to candidates and change the overall result. The declaration of winners can be done on a basis of points, not votes. [Image :

"The Dominion software configuration logs in the Divert Options, shows that all write-in ballots were flagged to be diverted automatically for adjudication. This means that all write-in ballots were sent for "adjudication" by a poll worker or election official to process the ballot based on voter "intent". Adjudication files allow a computer operator to decide to whom to award those votes (or to trash them). 5. In the logs all but two of the Override Options were enabled on these machines, thus allowing any operator to change those votes. [Image 9]:"

The adjudication ratio should be no more than 1 in 250 unless you need more to steal an election.

“Michigan now admits after ‘certifying’ the 2020 Presidential election, that more voters should be removed from their voter rolls than there were votes won by Joe Biden in the race.  Mixed with other suspected fraud, (like 141,000 ballot drops at 6am the day after the election) all the ballots in this state should be forensically audited to determine the full extent of the election fraud.” - 

What does it take to get you people to realize the signs of a stolen election?

There are similar problems with electronic voting machines in other states, Antrim County is NOT an isolated incident.  However the lack of investigation by the state’s officials is quite revealing.

Massachusetts also uses the Dominion voting machine in the majority of its counties. Dr Shiva Syyadurai running for the US Senate in 2020, “won in Franklin county – where votes are mainly hand-counted – by nearly 10%, but lost 60% to 40%, by 20 points, with near consistency, in every other county, where the votes are mainly counted by machines that converted the paper ballots into BALLOT IMAGES, which were then analyzed to tabulated the votes using electronic software.  

Doesn't anyone in this legislature think it somewhat suspicious when a candidate loses by near the same margin of (60/40) in every county where machine tabulation occurs but a hand counted one? What do you think the statistical probability of that event repeating itself throughout the entire state is? Dr. Shiva was also a victim of Dominion’s weighted average algorithm.:” Dr. Syyadurai, not a lawyer, faced off with the Secretary of State William Galvin and won the right to present an amended complaint (see Case 1:20-cv-12080-MLW). Judge D. J.  Wolf..” -

In Windham Hew Hampshire the “..disturbing November 3, 2020 general election results [showed].. a massive discrepancy between the machine vote tally for the State Rep race on election day and a hand recount 9 days later. The recount showed a difference of 1,363 votes for the State Rep race being shifted with only 10,006 ballots were cast. That is a big discrepancy – and we need to know why! "

The Michigan State Attorney General has refused to take action on Antrim County Election Fraud -

Doesn’t Michigan have procedures for removal of malfeasant officials in state government?

Does Michigan have a legislative body or a vigilante assembly? I demand action against Rep. Cynthia Johnson for advocating violence against Attorney Matt Deperno.  The people of Michigan would be better advised to upgrade their elected officials and their ‘supposed’ representatives of both political parties in the next election cycle.

Stop representing special interests and start representing the constituency that elected you!!

We the people demand the Michigan legislature perform a full audit of dominion voting machines for every county throughout the state.

‘We the people’ demand action in restoring election integrity, reversing documented fraud and certifying only legitimate election winners. 

This action is under your purview, not the courts. Start assuming responsibility and perform your legislative duties by honoring your oaths of office or GET OUT of the legislature.