Tucker's 'Bombshell' Interview with J6 Defendant Owen Shroyer Punished for Exposing the Regime Coup

By Allen Williams

Tucker Carlson Interviews Owen Shroyer and Asks: ‘Is Real Journalism a Crime Now?’

Globalists are increasingly desperate and the J6 scam is finally getting exposed. There were over 200 undercover federal police involved so more importantly it’s a ‘FEDSURECTION’ so the powers that be would have a basis to charge Trump for this event.

Watch Shroyer’s confrontation with Rep Jerry Nadler during the ‘sham’ impeachment vote. Owen Shroyer tells all after spending 47 days in Prison for a Misdemeanor offense (and he is a journalist), spending nearly 3 years in prison prior to that 47 day sentence WITHOUT a trial !

Make no mistake about it, the US Government is NO Longer a Republic NOR even a Democracy. It’s a fascist gulag populated by globalist selections.

Expect it to get far worse during the 2024 election.