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NEVER LET FACTS GET IN THE WAY OF THE TRUTH ---- The other side of the coin


Several days ago Rush Limbaugh posted this article under the heading Rush: Coronavirus Being Used by Media To Tank Trump's Economy, sounded a little far fetched at first.

     But after doing a little research, and it didn't take much, the numbers start to tell the story.

   COVID-19 Coronavirus Outbreak 

Coronavirus Cases: 80,412

Deaths: 2,707      fatality rate of 3.3%

Here we have 80,412 cases resulting in 2,710 deaths. A fatality rate of 3.3%  

    Now compare this to the CDC estimates from October 1, 2019, through February 15, 2020 for the U.S. regarding the normal flue season.

Worst case scenario 500,000 cases of ordinary flue

 41,000 deaths, a fatality rate of  8.2%

  A normal flue fatality rate that is 2.4 times higher than the factual number of Coronavirus fatalities and we are to believe that we have a world plague on our hands?

  Suddenly it doesn't seem so far Fetched after all, It's no secret that Communist China would have no problem killing off several thousand of their citizens 'for the good of their country' of course, they have killed millions of their citizens, for as much, many times over. Shutting down factories and blaming it on this so called plague would be a small price to pay for removing Trump’s trade policies and going back to business as usual, And ridding Trump's trade policies with Communist China would be in there best interest as well for the interests of politicians and globalist like John Kerry and the Biden family that have made millions in the pay to play schemes with China over the years.

  Again it seems no one wants to do the math, and it’s a chinch the fake media isn’t capable of showing both sides, but it does keep the cattle in line.

         Then quoting the democratic parties favorite line 'Never let a Crisis go to Waste' seems to be in line with their agenda as well.

                                                          Of course we could always go by Joe Biden's philosophy,

                                                                    "Never let facts get in the way of the truth"


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