The Bilderburg Road to Global Government

by Allen Williams on Wed 14 Jan 2009 08:47 AM CDT | Cosmos

Recently, Kansas governor Kathleen Sebelius was invited to attend one of the secret meetings of the Bilderburg group. The Topeka Capitol Journal reports in its ‘CJ-Online’ publication, that the governor’s spokeswoman, Nicole Corcoran, said "..Sebelius was invited to speak about co-operation and consensus building in governmentBilderburg is made up of international business leaders, top politicians and academics from around the world who meet once a year at posh resorts. ."

What organization of international business leaders and top politicians invite a virtual unknown governor to attend a conference of world leaders from an obscure Midwestern state, ridiculed for its unscientific views of evolution? What gubernatorial achievements might merit such an invitation? Was it the governor’s rapid response to the recent tornado in Pratt? No? How about the governor’s business acumen in her stint as state insurance commissioner? No? Then, what could this governor possibly offer such an elite coterie of movers and shakers?

The Bilderburgs operate in the shadows of society, an organization of International Bankers and Financiers, engaged in the business of corruption. They are in fact an unelected, and unaccountable foreign body, spending their money quietly behind the scenes to further their own economic ambitions, hence secrecy is of paramount importance. International Banks largely fund the US deficit. "… Congress is still not meeting our obligations to the World BankStrengthening the Bipartisan Center: An Internationalist Agenda for America" - Samuel R. Berger, National Security Advisor. Remarks to the Bilderberg Steering Committee, November 4, 1999. The Chinese alone hold 1.2 trillion dollars in US treasury notes. It’s why China continues to hold the most favored nation trading status despite its legacy of human rights abuses. The Chinese have simply bought a favorable government policy.

Now, assuming that governor Sebelius didn’t waste $1274 dollars of Kansas public money to discuss the quantity of International Ski resorts, fine restaurants, or the plunge of the US dollar against the Euro, then what’s left? It must be something that she is in a position to do for the Bilderburgs rather than simply attend their conference. Perhaps, the Istanbul meeting sought a bipartisan consensus on the necessity of constructing an international highway connecting the United States, Canada and Mexico.

The Capitol Journal fails to report that Texas governor, Rick Perry was also invited to that same Bilderburg conference. So what you say? Gov. Perry represents the first leg of the NAFTA Superhighway, or the Trans Texas Corridor. Now, If you were a group of International Bankers looking to profit from a superhighway system via the interconnection of three countries, then you’d want key players on board in those nations and states where this highway runs. People, who can keep their mouths shut in return for rich rewards now and later, especially around re-election time. And, Sebelius has done precisely that in her quiet departure for Istanbul from Kansas City and her less than forthright account of the meeting. Earl Glynn, a blogger on the Kansas Meadowlark broke the story, not the media, or no one else would be the wiser. Publicizing the super highway only brings opposition, hence the Bilderburg’s stealth approach.

The banks will be loaning money for all phases of the NAFTA superhighway to be repaid by the taxpayers of the respective countries with interest. The Supreme Court’s Kelo decision will play an important role in the seizure of property for the highway. It’s likely that US taxpayers will shoulder the bulk of the highway cost because of the less than robust economies of Canada and Mexico. After all, socialism and tyranny aren’t known for producing large GNPs.

"The groups enigmatic and zealously guarded privacy lead to accusations of sinister motives to control world affairs." - Topeka Capitol Journal

There’s nothing sinister or conspiratorial about a group of international financial leaders getting together behind closed doors to discuss ‘co-operation and consensus’ building, unless it’s to prevent the public from learning precisely what ‘consensus and co-operation’ might mean within that body.

If the Bilderburg conference, for instance, were to address ways in which to reduce international crime and improve terror detection and prevention methods, then secrecy is certainly desirable. However, far more often, secrecy fosters a consensus of exploitation, an important reason to keep such desires hidden from the general populace, lest they realize that they will be forced to pay for these elitist banking schemes.

When ‘building consensus’ infers misrepresenting the true intent of policies or projects to the public, then it’s a consensus of lies. If building ‘consensus’ infers that stealth means are required to implement said policies or projects, then it’s a consensus of deception. If building ‘consensus’ is in direct opposition to the majority opinion in a given state or country and perhaps in opposition to the voted will of that people, then it’s a consensus of tyranny. If building ‘consensus’ infers misusing a nation’s courts to force these policies or projects, then it’s a consensus of enslavement.

So, if any of the conditions mentioned above might provide one or more motives for the Bilderburgs, then it would be a good reason for this international body to be secretive about its intentions, whom they enlist and how they’ll proceed in implementing their agenda.

The Kansas governor and her Bipartisan contemporaries in Congress are busy selling self rule and their constituency down the river for the gilded promises of the Bilderbergs.