:Kennedy Asassination: Secrets of The Zapruder Film

by Emerald Robinson

Was the most famous film of JFK's assassination altered by the government?

NOTE: The renowned journalist Thomas Lipscomb has just completed a new manuscript (with Jerome Kroth) titled The Oswald Letter and it contains a number of staggering claims based on newly released documents — as well as fresh accounts from new eyewitnesses who have never before been interviewed. This is the fourth excerpt from The Oswald Letter to appear here on my Substack.

There has been a mysterious secret buried within the Zapruder family for half a century. Abraham Zapruder took the famous 26 second home movie of the Kennedy Assassination in Dallas. It contained the entire progress of the assassination, from the first turn of JFK’s limo onto Elm Street, through the shootings of President Kennedy and Governor John Connelly, and then the limo’s exit through the triple underpass headed for Parkland Hospital with the dying President.

It’s often called the “Rosetta Stone” of the JFK assassination since everything is all there in plain sight. It has the potential of making everyone who sees it an eyewitness. So how can there be any Zapruder family secret about it? Yet in her recent book, Twenty-Six Seconds, Zapruder’s granddaughter, Alexandra, refers to a 50 year-long taboo within the Zapruder family against even discussing the film.