Mel K exposes the Rothchild - Rochefeller Banking Alliance that established America as a Corporation

by LC

MEL K presents a blockbuster expose of the global banking alliance..which develoed out of the American Revolution. The alliance began out of the world's blood line famalies which are all linked. The alliance began to develop right after the Civil war with the Act of 1871 that established America as a corporation.. Bank of America is owned by the Peysour blood line family with historical links to King Louis and Marie Antoinette. In 1871 America started paying taxes due to war debt which continues to date. The Banker's would not lend money to America unless they agreed to become a corporation and establish a central banking system.

The District of Columbia is the 'Corporation of the United States of America' The goal is one world government with Covid as an enabling device..

We pay taxes to the FED not to the country.

You will own nothing and be happy...