Lindell TV Interview Update (6/29) with Audit the PA Vote featuring Tony Shuppe & Others

Brannon Howse interviews election canvasser Toni Shuppe of Audit the PA vote documenting the 2020 Pennsylvania phantom voters. Audit PA is involved in canvassing 40 counties and have nearly 100,000 votes on their audit position.  You can watch these and other very informative interviews live at or in the archives at  These historic interviews will be recapped today (Sunday) at 1:00 PM CST.

The Pennsylvania legislature has been reluctant to do a real forensic audit of the election results so grass root individuals like Toni  Shuppe walked the precincts checking registered voters. (about 40 counties completed so far) to verify the voter actually resides at the listed address.  The voter canvas found many people WERE NOT living at the voter address of record; many cases showed  the person NEVER lived there or moved away years before. 

Watch Brannon's extensive interview with Dr. Douglas G. Frank who presents a series of slides demonstrating how the 2020 election was stolen through phantom voters inflated in the registered voter database based on US census data which are then erased from the election database afterwards.  (Excuse: Oh, they moved) This requires computer algorithms and extensive coordination which has already been demonstrated by attorney Matt Deperno in the Antrim County, Michigan election lawsuit where over 1000+ phantom voters were uncovered; court details of Antrim County election analysis available at

Dr Frank shows some of the voting machine fraud uncovered in his presentation on.Lindell TV (live everyday).  A more detailed presentation is available in the Lindell TV archives here:

Dr. Frank (an Ohio native) makes a unique discovery as he plots the registered voter data for Hamilton county, Ohio. The county registered voter data was remarkably similar to the census data so Dr. Frank plots the 2010 census information for the county along with the voter data and gets a good match !  Now the basis exists for the machine to control the 2020 election. This pattern has been discovered in every county that has been audited thus far and it is expected to be revealed again in the recent Maricopa County audit.
Raw census data from 2010
Here are some key slides from Dr. Frank's Pennsylvania analysis and one from his Colorado and Hamilton, Ohio presentations. The Dominion machine algorithm was initialized using the 2010 US census data serving as the reference point. Machine algorithms control the fraud by keeping the votes recorded under the blue population line reference. Notice in the Hamilton, Ohio slide case that the blue line represents a curve fit of the available voter residents which determines the upper limit boundary condition. The black line plot represents the number of registered voters in the county. The red curve is the number of people who actually voted (real or imaginary that generated a ballot). Notice the graph shows ALL voters above 30 years of age voting showing 100% voter participation which is highly unlikely and an indication of fraud.

The above curve shows in 100% voter participation through all age groups, an indicator of fraud.

In the case of Florida, the popularity of Trump vs Biden was stronger than Dominion's original algorithm swap percentage settings   could handle as the massive votes for Trump were occurring to fast to effectively handle so the machines could not prevent the state from going to Trump. However Trump's lead was reduced to half of his winning lead in the state causing Dominion to stop the vote count in the swing states like Georgia, etc to readjust the algorithm and expand the number of swapped votes plus add many more phantom voters to keep Trump from winning these states and ultimately the election. This explains the concocted phony flood story at the Georgia State Farm arena that halted the Georgia count. The swap ratios of Trump to Biden votes set by Dominion for each state remained nearly identical through out all of the county precincts.
This phenomenon is not just limited to PA counties, Dr. Frank also found the same pattern in Bloomfield county, Colo with one major problem for Dominion, i.e. the registered database (black line) exceeds the number of registered voters (Blue line). Oops!! Because you can't represent a given population in all cases with census data because of population shifts in the interim. However it did work for the majority of various state counties in the 2020  election.
Brannon's interview with Sydney Powell over vaccines and other issues.
Update 6/29

Sydney discusses children being killed by the vaccines. Fauci and the government are involved in the process. Sydney willing to partner with America's Front Line Doctors on legal issues. Discussed how large number of parents should converge on their local school board to end mask mandates. She notes that children are 50 times more likely to die from Covid vaccines..Listen to the complete interview at

Sydny's non-profit organization is Discussed corporate enforcement of left wing policies which is pure fascism.

Michigan through its Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson, Attorney General Dana Nessel and Governor Gretchen Whitmer are attempting to take Sydney's Texas law License because these officials maintain she is filing frivolous lawsuits. Also discusses Charles Richards who expressed concerns over election irregularities and was retaliated against by termination from his job.