Letter from. Jan 6 Prisoner to Americans: Don't Do Nothing !

As I sit here in my jail cell being denied justice and my Constitutionally-protected, God-given rights,

I wonder, Is anyone irate or tireless enough to save our Republic?  Will our children and our children's children wonder what it was like to be free?

If you're reading this, are you irate? Tireless? Are you willing to risk it all to set brushfires of Liberty in the souls of men? Are you willing to risk everything? Or, will we just wait for some other ˜good men" to come along and do that ˜something? The time to look in the mirror and answer that question is NOW! Trust me, the time to fight is NOT after the tyrant locks you in a jail cell.

In a letter obtained exclusively by The Epoch Times, a Jan. 6 prisoner asks, “are you ready to light brushfires of Liberty in the souls of men? Then don’t do nothing!” The letter, dated December 30, 2021, is revealed here in its entirety for the first time.



Lord Jesus, light the flame of your Holy Spirit in every man! Free us again for your names sake!

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