J6 Fedsurrection, An FBI Sponsored Insurrection That Never Was – Arrests, Ashli Babbitt Murder & FBI Persecution [VIDEO]

Some truth before Pelosi's Committee lies...

Watch Alex Sheppard’s exclusive interview with Dr. Alan Keyes to discuss his experience in the Capitol building on January 6th, being present during the Ashli Babbitt murder, and the persecution he experienced as a result of protesting the Stolen Election.

Dr. Alan Keyes is a Harvard and Cornell graduate who worked as an ambassador for the Reagan administration. He is a former presidential candidate and Senate candidate who ran against Barack Obama in the state of Illinois, famously filing the lawsuit that brought his birth certificate into question. Now he runs an excellent show on brighteon.tv, which is where this interview officially aired.

Alex Sheppard is a young entrepreneur and now journalist from Ohio who became politically involved in 2020 when he became outspoken against lockdowns, mask mandates, and other unconstitutional measures that were being implemented. He saw and shared massive amounts of viral evidence of Election Fraud from November 3rd, 2020, and the following months, being banned from social media platforms countless times in the process.

On January 6th, 2020, Alex went to peacefully protest in Washington, D.C. Because of his patriotism and because he walked into a trap, the FBI arrested him, raided his home with guns drawn, seized thousands of dollars of his property, and charged him with five misdemeanors and one felony. He is currently still fighting those charges.

This interview was originally aired on 12/17/2021 on “Let’s Talk America,” but it is being uploaded to Rumble and Red Voice Media for the first time now to combat the lies that will be told in Nancy Pelosi’s upcoming January 6th Committee hearing.

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