Evidence of further Fraud in the 2022 midterm Election (Update 5)

by The Patriots

Fifth Update:  Mike Lindell's inquiry into Miami- Dade County cast vote records for the Desantis vs. Crist gubernatorial election victory shows no voting machine fraud. There is now an earmark of what an honest election should show.

Fourth Update: Voter GA has provided election information on Hershel Walker's race against the Warnock Machine. Given what we have found out about the capabilities of Dominion, did you really expect anything else? Keeping the vote close in the runoff election thus creating the illusion that it was simply a closely contested race without fraud.

However the election was monitored through the Edison line feed which every election must use. The chart at 10:00 PM shows a sudden 23,411 vote decease for Walker. Note it's not a spike of votes for Warnock but a DECREASE for Walker to keep the curves close feigning realism.Vote spikes in the lower curves below indicate that the machine was having difficulty in keeping up with the massive in person voting. A machine algorithm is clearly at work to keep the curves closely aligned. So what happened to Walker's votes? They either had to have been deleted or flipped to Warnock. The total loss for Hershel was 27, 753 votes removed per the Edison line feed. Now you see why the machines have to go or America is lost forever.

Third Update: Yet more voter ballot manipulation in Otereo County House midterms. Notice the three suspicious voter dumps in (green circles) that always coincide with the republican vote but are larger and highly suspicious. Next the 4th green loop again shows a machine correction for two many votes but notice that both candidates were corrected downwards which contrasts with the 2nd update showing only the democrat vote adjusted downward. How do both candidates lose votes? These can't be fraudulent votes for both candidates, they have to be going elsewhere, maybe to another county race?  The last green circle shows both candidate vote totals adjusted below the 100,000 mark. Did the machine suddenly discover that the current vote totals were exceeding the county's population or eligible voter data base?

These anomalies suggest that Dominion or some other electronic voting machine was not only controlling the vote totals but was again implementing a candidate win loss ratio to make the selection process appear as a very tight race.  Watch Clint Curtis, the democrat inventor of the theft algorithm employing a 51/49 ratio to steal an election.

'Clint Curtis, Democrat Whistleblower Exposes The Truth About How He Created The Machine Algorithm 51-49 https://frankspeech.com/video/clint-curtis-democrat-whistleblower-exposes-truth-about-how-he-created-machine-algorithm-51

Second Update. There is still record fraud in the 2022 midterms happening around the country. This latest report from the Gateway Pundit on Otereo, New Mexico's governor race. Note the two early dumps in the governor's race which just happen to eclipse the Republican vote. Especially note the drop in democrat votes in the third circle. The democrat vote losses are just a partial of the earlier gain. How do you lose votes in an election? This looks to be a machine correction in the data to align the winning ratio to a preset ratio.

Here is another voting record issue involving Hershel Walker's vote tally as presented yesterday on the Mike Lindell program. In the following graph Hershel Walker was forced into a 2022 election runoff in December by the antics of corrupt Maricopa County which had 20% to 30% of their voting precincts experience a Dominion voting machine Font failure.These machines checked out fine the day before so how 'accidental' was this glitch? Note how as Hershel takes the lead (about the midpoint of the chart) a sudden vote dump drops him behind Warnock. Where are these ballots coming from? Remember the printer problem? Everyone of those ballots went into adjudication and so are not immediately counted but dropped into another box which permits a drop of 'mail-in' ballots or another vote source to come into play. It's very suspicious that ALL the votes were 100% for Raphael Warnock. What's the probability of that occurrence? Note there is NO apparent partial uptake for Hershel to perpetuate the illusion that the election is close.

Warnock's election graph corroborates the event with better clarity (again mid point of the chart). You can see exactly the point when the dump occurred just after Warnock lost the lead.

As expected there was widespread election fraud involving the electronic voting system. The following cases were depicted on Mike Lindell's program as election crimes.  Here are three recent examples of machine fraud.

(1) Minnesota Election showing the impact of front end loading almost 1,000,000 in the election results.  Notice both the Republican and Democrat candidates receive comparable vote dumps. Not credible.

(2)Michigan principally uses the Dominion voting machine although all the major machine vendors act the same.. Matt Deperno election results. Notice the last quarter of the chart as Deperno continues to move ahead just before a dominion machine voter dump of 350,000 votes puts Dana Nessel in the lead and then gives her the win. How convenient and fortuitous that a massive vote dump occurs just then and WITH NO votes for Deperno.

(3) Tammy Duckworth Illinois Democrat first receives then loses 1 million votes.   The clearest evidence yet of fraud, How do you gain and then lose a million votes while your opponent's tally stays the same? AP then calls the race for Duckworth.
Electronic voting machines must go as they are a clear and present danger to the existence of the American Republic.  these are three examples of 'selection' NOT election.