Dominion Voting Machine Algorithms Steal another Critical Election

by Patriots Staff

Voting machines FAILING in Maricopa County amid heavy Republican turnout… every attempt is being made by Dems to DENY or DELAY Kari Lake’s victor

“Despite Only 17% Democrat Turnout on Election Day – Katie Hobbs and Democrats Are Winning Over 50% of Maricopa County Election Day Totals

This should be obvious to everyone now as the ‘irregularities’ begin to flip the election. Voting machines sending ballots to ‘adjudication’, machines not accepting ballots, sending votes through a dozen times, 2 and 3 hour wait times, all designed to disenfranchize the voters and raise ‘adjudication’ claims. This is how you steal an election in America.

The courts will dismiss the bevy of lawsuits ‘under no standing claims’ and other ‘imaginary irregularities’ they manufacture because they are an important closing agent for the swamp.

The parasitic news media will characterize everyone who protests this charade as an ‘election denier’..the same bullshit  they always promote.  Look at the plots of Returns by hour and ballot party AND percent of voters by ballot party then explain how less THAN 20% (on avg) of democrats managed over 50% of election day totals. THE ONLY WAY IS TO USE A MACHINE ALGORITHM.  Does anyone still believe that machine run elections can guarantee the Republic is NOT LOST/

Maricopa Election Day Voters Were Democrat, Only 23% of Primary Election Day Voters Were Democrat — But Democrats Are Winning 50% of Delayed Election Day Totals? IMPOSSIBLE!