BREAKING NEWS: Erroneous Code Present On Tennessee Dominion Election System Software After EAC Certified It !

by Addison Wilson

Tennessee election report was shared by the EAC, saying that the incorrect code was found on Dominion software that had been certified by the EAC.

How can this happen?

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It seems to have some problems with the voting machines used across the US. We have reported that the devices were used in Pennsylvania without being hardened enough.

We know these machines weren’t hardened because there was software that would have prevented the machines from being certifiable. When the machines are set, they would have been certified with the most modern software needed.

The machines shouldn’t be used with any extra software loaded on the machines.

One report was found to have some problems, identified in an election in Tennessee. The machines had erroneous code. The real problem is that this system has been certified by the EAC.