BOMBSHELL: Evidence Shows Michigan Supreme Court Race in 2020 Was Flipped – Election Audit Professionals Also Identify Numerous Red Flags in New Mexico and Arizona

By Joe Hoft

The presentation in Otero County, New Mexico on Wednesday night began with attorney David Clements introducing the professionals who were involved in the audit.

IT Expert Jeffrey Lenberg next shared the following points to begin the presentation of his team’s audit of the election machines used in the county.

  • Election security is almost nonexistent. “The systems and the processes that exist are like swiss cheese.”
  • Pro V&V certifies voting machines across the country but does not do a good job. They don’t have the resources to.
  • Wherever they went they received full-fledged resistance when wanting to look at the voting systems.
  • Risk-limiting audits are a facade in the way they’re being done.
  • The password for Michigan and New Mexico voting system access was “123456” and you can access all the administrative menus.  You can go in days after an election and add ballots and adjust the time and print it out. This capability should not
  • exist in the system.
  • Microsoft SQL software was found in Michigan, New Mexico and Arizona.  It does not need to be there. It can be accessed without any password and you have “keys to the kingdom”.  You can do anything you want with the data and change anything you want with SQL.
  • Transparency needs to be where everything is recorded. The only place ballots can be associated with voters is at the polling place.
  • In Maricopa County, Arizona, all the ballot boxes were unsealed when they were provided to the auditors.
  • In Maricopa County, there were 263,000 corrupted images that were also not mentioned by the auditors there.  (Biden was given the win by 10,000 votes.)
  • There were 21,000 ballot images missing in Maricopa.
  • In New Mexico, they updated that software that was certified which makes no sense, and in the process deleted the 2020 project file.
  • There was a pile of red flags from the system audit work.
Michigan used fear tactics to intimidate the auditors. The New Mexico Secretary of State did the same to stop audits of the machines in the state.

The DHS claims the auditors trying to get to the bottom of the election process are enemies of the state.

On September 3rd all the jurisdictions will destroy all items related to the 2020 Election. This information needs to be kept and not destroyed.  Because items like the item in Michigan may have happened everywhere.

Lenberg then shared this bombshell

In Michigan’s down-ballot 2020 Supreme Court Justice race three candidates out of seven were programmed differently in the election system.  As a result, the court changed from Republican to Democrat!

The remedy to address this is to count all the ballots across the state and compare to the election results.

No wonder the corrupt AG in Michigan is going after these guys.  Communists don’t like their crimes to be uncovered.

Here is the audit report presented tonight by the election auditors in New Mexico.  The 2020 Election in New Mexico was a mess.