AZ SOS threatens felony charges if Counties don't certify the fraudulent 2022 election

by Patriots Staff

This should wake up everyone as to just how ‘in your face’ the 2022 election steal was. The fact that anyone could be threatened and told by the AZ secretary of State that if they vote ‘No’ they will face ‘felony’ charges is beyond belief. Here it is: “Katie Hobbs, a convicted racist, sued Cochise County for failing to certify the fraudulent results”. It was revealed yesterday by a Yavapai County Supervisor that Arizona county officials were threatened with Class 6 felony charges if they refused to certify the fraudulent election.”  is something expected in China North Korea or another banana republic. If this election stands America is finished.

Arizona Counties Threatened with Class 6 Felony Charges if They Won’t Certify the Rigged Election (VIDEO)