Your Name Capitalized on the Birth Certificate Fixes You as a Corporation under Commercial Law

by Staff

A very interesting bitchute film describing the many financial associations between the Federal Reserve and the world's monetary families and their global interests of one world government predicated on the 1871 act of the 41st Congress that formed the corporation known as THE UNITED STATES.. " 

"Plain and simple America is a Corporation since 1871 with the Act of 1871. Finalized in 1938. Rockefeller's in the United States. The Rothschild's in England. They own/run the Federal Reserve the Central bank of England and the Untied Nations is ran by them. They both finance WAR for both sides to keep the lies going ... including control of the American news media to mute opposition messages.." But the scheme required a CENTRAL enter Jekyll Island (1910).

The birth certificate establishes each and every individual as a corporation by capitalizing YOUR NAME under the 1871 Act which puts you under commercial law. In 1921, the federal Sheppard-Towner Maternity Act was passed creating birth "registration" or what we now know as the "birth certificate."  The use has the right to receive the profits and benefits of the estate, but the legal title and possession, as well the duty of defending the same, reside in the other. The government becomes the Trustee, while the child becomes the beneficiary of his own trust. Legal title to everything the child will ever own is now vested in the federal government.  It indemnifies all wealth created by this financial system in your name under the DC corporation whose holdings ONLY become payable upon your death. Those holdings, i.e. your lifetime wealth generated under your birth certificate name is payable to the Federal Reserve.

Now in the 21st century, the 1871 corporate restructuring of America has given birth to the globalist's pandemic scheme intended to deceive the public into believing the need for ONE WORLD government.



                                                                       Saving the planet !!!!!!


How many coal plants are there in the world today? Green New Deal???
The EU has 468 - building 27 more... Total  495   
Turkey has 56 - building 93 more... Total  149   
South Africa has 79 - building 24 more... Total  103  
India has 589 - building 446 more... Total  1035   
Philippines has 19 - building 60 more... Total 79  
South Korea has 58 - building 26 more... Total84  
Japan has 90 - building 45 more... Total 135 
China has 2,363 - building 1,171 more... Total 3,534   
That’s 5,615    projected coal powered plants in just 8 countries.  
USA has 15 - building 0 more...Total 15   
And Democrat politicians with their "green new deal” want to shut down those 15 plants in order to "save” the planet  This is EXCELLENT!!  I knew the rough idea about the number of coal plants, but had not yet seen actual numbers until now.This makes the point.  Whatever the USA does or doesn’t do won’t make a Tinker’s Dam regarding CO2 unless the rest of the world, especially China and India reduces coal-fired power plants as well.     The whole “global warming” and “climate change” gambits by Democrats are to create a *supposedly* sound, scientific basis to justify a federal government power-grab and the passage of MORE laws to increase taxes and increased control of the privately owned power industry and its distribution.  Never forget the *main* motivation they have!, we will SAVE the planet!!”    100% Pure Bull