Cyber Ninjas CEO Says They Were “Threatened,” Threats Flipped Michigan in 2020

by Publius

{This Sept 27th, 2021 Cyber NInja article is presented to demonstrate how the narrative has twisted since it was posted five
months ago. See Citizen Wells at:

The evidence of 2020 fraud as presented by Dr. Douglas Frank and others is still residing on and continuing to document the steal. The media has filed an FOIA demand for all correspondence on the Cyber Ninjas audit and
judge Hannah redefines the audit for the AZ senate as a 'public document' so that it will be subject to FOIA laws. 

Judge Hannah then penalizes the Cyber Ninjas $50,000 per day for not providing all requested correspondence to the news paper filing the FOIA request:  This is another attempt to convince the public that the Arizona audit found nothing illegal as they fail to mention known criminal actions.

Interestingly enough, the 2020 dominion criminal referrals reported to the AZ DA over 90 days ago still have seen no action. Arizona Election Fraud: 2 Months After They Were Identified Illegally Deleting 2020 Election Records, Three Individuals Remain Unpunished, Unidentified and Uncharged by AG Mark Brnovich So who are the real fraudsters? - ED ]

Recalling threats to Wayne County, Michigan election officials in 2020 who later signed affidavits saying they regretted their key votes to certify, which handed the state to Biden, the CEO of Cyber Ninjas said in an interview that his team was “threatened” before the release of the report. In the same interview, with Gateway Pundit, Ninjas CEO Doug Logan now says that a previous release of the report which recommended de-certification of the AZ election was a “hoax.”

In November 2020, in swing state Michigan, an arrest was made after pictures of dead, naked women were sent to one of the Republican board members in charge of certifying results, threatening his daughter, and other Republican members also reported threats. Michigan plus one other state in contention, Pennsylvania, would have handed the election to Trump.

Below: Detroit News headline, Nov. 23, 2020 (source)

Logan gave no further

Logan gave no further details in the interview of the threats.{Wasn't this enough? - Ed}

Cyber Ninjas Finds 50,000-plus Ballots with Serious Issues, Margin Was 11,000

Among the findings of a long-awaited report by Cyber Ninjas on the 2020 presidential election:

  • Over 50,000 ballots suffer from serious issues, over 23,000 of those being mail-in ballots from voters who had moved prior to the election. Mail-in ballots in AZ must be received by mail. They cannot be picked up at the election department.

     • “Logs appeared to be intentionally rolled over, and all the data in the database related to the 2020 General Election had  been  fully cleared.” {This supports what the Colorado forensic audit by Tina Peters discovered - ED]

• “Ballot images on the EMS were corrupt or missing.”
  • “Files were missing from the Election Management System (EMS) Server.”
  • The audit could not find an identity match on 86,391 people, in federal, state, USPS, or private databases. These are referred to as “ghost” voters.

[Cyber Ninjas AZ Audit Report, Vol. III Details]  {The report states that more ballots were returned than recieved by voters and more duplicates than original voters. A clear indication of fraud. Note that the report is marked 'For Arizona Senate use Only'; it is not intended as a public document by the auditors. - ED]

Below: Voters on whom no identity match could be found, page 56 Cyber Ninjas report (click for larger image)

Election evidence, which is required by federal law to be preserved for 22 months, was “intentionally” destroyed, which would constitute a federal crime punishable by fines and up to a year in jail, under  52 USC 20701. The law covers “all records and papers,” which would include those in electronic format.

In election integrity cases in Alabama and in Arizona, judges have ruled electronic ballot images are “records.”

Numbers of Problem Ballots Do Not Support Stated Conclusion

The margin of victory in AZ was under 11,000 votes. Thus the number of problem ballot is many times greater than what would be required to change the outcome of the election.

Nevertheless, the report’s Executive Summary states:

“What has been found is both encouraging and revealing. On the positive side there were no substantial differences between the hand count of the ballots provided and the official election canvass results for Maricopa County. This is an important finding because the paper ballots are the best evidence of voter intent and there is no reliable evidence that the paper ballots were altered to any material degree.”

Cyber Ninjas does not explain how this conclusion can be reconciled with many tens of thousands of votes with serious issues , and destruction of evidence, when the victory margin was under 11,000 votes.

From table in Cyber Ninjas report

Federal Law Requires Preservation of “Records”

Among the major findings of the report are the destruction of evidence which may show clear criminal intent, including server files, logs, and ballot images. Federal law requires that all “all records and papers,” which would include in electronic format, be preserved for 22 months in federal elections, in 52 USC 20701. Penalties are fines and imprisonment of up to one year. Although intent is not a factor in the law, the report nevertheless concludes:

• “Logs appeared to be intentionally rolled over, and all the data in the database related to the 2020 General Election had been fully cleared.”

• “Ballot images on the EMS were corrupt or missing.”

52 USC 20701 reads in substantial part:

“Every officer of election shall retain and preserve, for a period of twenty-two months from the date of any general, special, or primary election of which candidates for the office of President…all records and papers which come into his possession…requisite to voting in such election…Any officer of election or custodian who willfully fails to comply with this section shall be fined not more than $1,000 or imprisoned not more than one year, or both.”

It would be up to the Arizona Senate to act on the assertion of what would constitute the federal crime of destruction of election evidence, as well to demand explanation of any conclusions not supported by the ballot data.

{Nonsense! There is more than enough anomolies from the Cyber Ninjas AZ Audit Report, Vol. III Details to decertify the election. Why hasn't that begun? - Ed]

Wisconsin Committee on Campaigns and Elections Demands Answers from Wisconsin Elections Commission on Who Had Access to Voter Rolls and Who Had Ability to Manipulate Them

by Jim Hoft

The Wisconsin State Assembly Committee on Campaigns and Elections has oversight authority over the Wisconsin Elections Commission (WEC), an executive branch agency. Last week the State Committee on Campaigns and Elections sent Meagan Wolfe, Executive Director of the Wisconsin Elections Commission a list of demands concerning the 2020 presidential election in Wisconsin.

The Committee, led by State Rep. Janel Brandtjen is demanding information from the Wisconsin Elections Commission on who had access to the voter rolls in 2020 and who had the ability to manipulate the voter roles.

Formal Complaint Filed Against Green Bay Mayor for Turning 2020 Elections Over to Far Left Operative, Including Secret Access to Internet and Ballot Warehouse

 As The Gateway Pundit reported earlier Green Bay Mayor Eric Genrich gave the keys to the arena where ballots were stored before the the 2020 election to far left radical and former Facebook employee Michael Spitzer Rubenstein. We then reported that emails revealed that Michael Spitzer-Rubenstein, Wisconsin state lead for the National … Continue reading

The Wisconsin State Assembly Committee on Campaigns and Elections has oversight authority over the Wisconsin Elections Commission (WEC), an executive branch agency. Last week the State Committee on Campains and Elections sent Meagan Wolfe, Executive Director of the Wisconsin Elections Commission a list of demands concerning the 2020 presidential election in Wisconsin.

The Committee, led by State Rep. Janel Brandtjen is demanding information from the Wisconsin Elections Commission on who had access to the voter rolls in 2020 and who had the ability to manipulate the voter roles.

We already know that a number of Wisconsin mayors turned over access to far left operatives, including secret access to the internet and ballot warehouse.

This is a huge development.

From the formal document request

The Gretchen Whitmer ‘Kidnapping’ Case About to be Tossed?

by Julie Kelly

At this point, perhaps the Justice Department should pray that the judge rules in favor of the defense and dismisses the case before the FBI is further embarrassed—and exposed.

The U.S. Department of Justice received an unwelcome Christmas gift from defense attorneys representing five men charged with conspiring to “kidnap” Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer in 2020: a motion to dismiss the case.

The Christmas Day filing is the latest blow to the government’s scandal-ridden prosecution; defense counsel is building a convincing argument that the FBI used undercover agents and informants to entrap their clients in a wide-ranging scheme that resulted in bad press for Donald Trump as early voting was underway in the key swing state last year. What began as random social media chatter to oppose lock down policies quickly morphed into a dangerous plan to abduct Whitmer as soon as the FBI took over.

A Michigan judge delayed the trial, now set for March 8, so defense attorneys could investigate the misconduct of FBI special agents handling at least a dozen government informants involved in the caper.

As I reported last week, the lead prosecutor recently informed the judge that three of the FBI’s top agents involved in the case will not take the stand as government witnesses. Richard Trask, the FBI special agent who signed the initial criminal complaint against six men facing federal charges—one man pleaded guilty and is cooperating with authorities—was removed from the case and fired by the FBI after he physically assaulted his wife last summer in a drunken rage following a swingers party at a hotel near their home.

And it isn’t just FBI agents causing headaches for the government. Stephen Robeson, a convicted felon and longtime FBI informant who planned several kidnapping-related outings including a militia conference in Ohio, recently pleaded guilty to illegally purchasing and possessing a sniper rifle in 2020. The government offered Robeson a sweetheart deal—time served on a felony charge with a potential 10-year prison term, two years probation, and $100 fine—and he will be sentenced in February, a month before the Whitmer trial is scheduled to begin.

The Justice Department won’t confirm whether Robeson will testify; given his central role in the plot and criminal history, including statutory rape, and the misconduct of his FBI handlers, it’s hard to see how Robeson’s testimony would help the government’s case.

Prosecutors, meanwhile, insist the suggestion that the FBI was responsible for the Whitmer kidnapping plot is a factless fantasy peddled by the same people who claim January 6 was an inside job. “The conspiracy theory that the FBI instigated the January 6, 2021 attack on the U.S. Capitol to entrap otherwise law-abiding citizens has been actively promoted by certain media outlets,” the government sneered in a recent motion, referring to Fox News host Tucker Carlson.

And therein lies the government’s biggest headache of all. If a trial showcases all the ways in which the FBI orchestrated the Whitmer kidnapping plan from start to finish—and the defense features the lowlife agents and informants who made it possible—the public will demand a similar reckoning about the FBI’s role in January 6.

At this point, perhaps the Justice Department should pray that the judge rules in favor of the defense and dismisses the case before the FBI is further embarrassed—and exposed.

The agents who managed the day-to-day activity of the case’s lead informant also will not testify. FBI agent Jayson Chambers ran a security consulting business on the side; an anonymous Twitter account claiming to represent his firm, Exeintel, dropped hints of pending arrests in the Whitmer case, calling into question his motives as a lead investigator. His partner, FBI agent Henrik Impola, has been accused of committing perjury in a separate case.

“The government does not plan to call Impola, Chambers, or Trask as witnesses,” Assistant U.S. Attorney Andrew Birge notified the court on December 17. “[The] government requests the Court exclude evidence relating to Exeintel, the unfounded allegations against SA Impola, and Richard Trask’s domestic assault charges or alleged social media posts.”

Now the judge will consider defense counsel’s latest motion to drop the kidnapping conspiracy charges against Adam Fox, Barry Croft, Kaleb Franks, Dan Harris, and Brandon Caserta; in the April 2021 superseding indictment, which defense attorneys cite in the motion, the Justice Department described the defendants as domestic terrorists who attempted “to affect the conduct of a government by mass destruction, assassination, or kidnapping.”

But the real conspiracy—as court documents, testimony, and communications between FBI handlers and their informants show—was concocted by federal operatives working inside and outside the FBI Detroit field office.

“In this Case, the undisputed evidence, as demonstrated in forty-four pages of statements already submitted to the Court, establishes that government agents and informants concocted, hatched, and pushed this ‘kidnapping plan’ from the beginning, doing so against defendants who explicitly repudiated the plan,” the five defense attorneys wrote in the December 25 motion. “When the government was faced with evidence showing that the defendants had no interest in a kidnapping plot, it refused to accept failure and continued to push its plan.”

The FBI funded and organized two “militia” conferences in the summer of 2020 to lure would-be kidnappers; handled all expenses so indigent defendants could attend surveillance and training excursions, which were photographed by the government to use as evidence; and paid cash to numerous informants, including at least $50,000 to the lead informant, known as “Big Dan” to the unwitting suspects.

A footnote in the 20-page filing explained how “Big Dan” and other informants acted as the monetary pass-through between the FBI and the Whitmer defendants. “The government was not going to be deterred by the fact that the defendants did not have the money to travel throughout the Midwest in order to play along with the CHSs and undercover agents. CHS Dan, while often claiming poverty, always had the resources to drive, feed, and house others whom he hoped to pull into the government plan. Another CHS convinced many that he would finance operations through a 501(c)(3) charity and would even provide debit cards to others, drawing on his accounts. So while the defendants had no interest in profit . . . the government’s exploitation of its virtually unlimited resources, poured into its investigation, further underscores entrapment as a matter of law.” This included informants’ picking up the tab for food, lodging, and gas among other expenses.

Judge overturns Eatonville Florida election due to ‘illegal’ and Fraudulent votes

by Mike DeForest,

Council member to be ‘ousted’ from seat after opponent challenged election results

EATONVILLE, Fla. – More than 19 months after Tarus Mack was certified the winner of an Eatonville Town Council election, a judge has ordered Mack to be removed from his position due to evidence uncovered by his opponent suggesting votes were illegally cast or procured.

I was very ecstatic,” Marlin Daniels said, who learned this week he had prevailed in his lawsuit challenging the election results. “Immediately I said, ‘Let’s get to work.’ We have to fix things that have been going wrong in this historic town and make things right, not for me, but for the people.”

Days after a judge ruled Daniels was entitled to the Eatonville Town Council seat, Mack filed a motion asking for a new trial.

Neither Mack nor his attorney responded to phone calls and emails from News 6 seeking comment.

“There were both illegal votes as well as fraudulent votes cast in this election. And for those familiar with local politics, that was not a surprise,” said Daniels’s attorney, Christian W. Waugh. “Those votes have now been removed from the tally. And because of that, my client, Marlin Daniels, is now going to be a public servant for the Town of Eatonville.”

In March 2020, Eatonville voters went to the polls to decide whether Mack should retain his seat on the town council.

After the voting results were tallied, it appeared Daniels had defeated the incumbent by a single vote.

But following a recount by the Orange County Canvassing Board, court records show two previously uncounted votes were discovered, giving Mack a 269-to-268 vote victory.

Daniels filed a lawsuit in April 2020 contesting the election. Mack and the Orange County Canvassing Board were named as defendants.

Orange County Circuit Court Judge Kevin Weiss held a non-jury trial earlier this month, where several witnesses were called to testify.

One of them, William Sheketoff, said he had been living in a motel owned by former Eatonville mayor Anthony Grant.

Sheketoff, who was behind on his rent payments and at risk for eviction, claims Grant offered to drive him and another tenant to a polling location on election day and coerced them to vote for Mack, according to an affidavit.

“[Grant] gave both of us ‘sample ballots’ with Tarus Mack and [another candidate] highlighted in yellow stating, ‘This is who I would like you to vote for” and drove us to Town Hall,” said Sheketoff. “I realized that he expected me to vote for Tarus Mack… or I would be evicted.”

About a week after the election, Sheketoff said Grant locked him out of his room at the motel but did not initiate a formal eviction.

Grant declined to comment on the matter. When asked by a News 6 reporter if he denied Sheketoff’s allegations that he interfered in the election, Grant hung up the phone.