Wake up America



                                                We are losing our country to a corrupt media owned by the left.
                                                If you are still watching FOX NEWS then you should be asking yourself one question..........


  FOX at one time was the only news outlet that wasn’t owned by the left, what happened? Suddenly any criticism of George Soros is blocked, election results are called with 20% of the vote counted to boost the Left’s candidate, censorship of anyone pro-Trump. The network of Chris Wallace, Juan Williams, Donna Brazile and George Soros.  Judge for yourself, they provide all the evidence needed to prove themselves the new mouth piece for the left.
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Fox News Censors McEnany Briefing on Election Fraud 



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Bret Baier Deletes Tweet After Backlash Against Fox News

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Fox News Host SHUTS Down Newt Gingrich's George Soros Conspiracy Theory

  A theory? It’s no theory, Soros finances BLM and ANTIFA and it would seem that he now owns FOXNEWS.


Trump Nominates Obama to the Supreme Court!



Subject: . Trump Nominates Obama to the Supreme Court!


.....................nice to see them getting along again....Glenn Beck exposes the deep state 7 pillar plan color revolution used successfully in the Ukraine and already in operation for the November 2020 election.






Domestic Terrorist Organization?

   It would  appear at this point that the democratic party is nothing more than a poorly disguised front for multiple domestic terrorist organizations, the democratic party excepts funding from BLM and shields known anarchist organizations such as ANTIFA.

    Cruz lays out the structure of BLM in simple terms, yet the democrats still work in the background to support ANTIFA and still, at this point, have excepted millions of dollars from BLM in the form of  contributions that are funneled through money laundering operations fronted by George Soros such as his Open Society Foundation. The donations from companies like Microsoft, Amazon and other large corporations and individuals such as Michael Jordan ($100 million) that back these terrorist organizations end up in the election campaigns of candidates such as Biden, Pelosi and other far left progressive front runners.

   BLM does not care about the lives of any race, it’s only goal is to destroy our country, our Bill of Rights, our constitution, America as we ‘used’ to know it and the promotion and spread of communism throughout the world..


                       Ted Cruz slams 'Black Lives Matter' organization