RED Alert: Brace for Impact. Prepare for ALL scenarios. Deep State Cornered.

By Mike Adams (Health Ranger)

RED ALERT: Brace for impact. Prepare for all scenarios. Deep state cornered.

Mike Adams has promised 3 or 4 short updates but I just listened to the Episode 1 broadcast update a few minutes ago and now it's unavailable! FBI arresting members of the GOP. (UPDATE: as of 10:52 central standard time, the Adams report is back up. I urge everyone to listen while its still available.)

What I heard in the Adams update:

Governor Northram of Virginia is supplying National Guard troops to surround the White House. They are building or have built a large containment fence around that area. This is NO GAG or joke. Trump is NOT there. He is in a secure location in a military installation in Texas.

In the report, Adams claims that China has offered 250,000 Chinese troops to effect a smooth transition of the Biden Presidency. There are supposedly Chinese troops just across the border in Mexico, which if true, means that we would be invaded by a foreign power to support their China puppet Joe Biden.

Pelosi is planning on introducing rapid impeachment papers this Monday to try and get Trump out of the presidency claiming that he is a high risk and likely planning to release or institute some breach of our nuclear arsenal. They have threantened Trump with detonating a dirty bomb if he doesn't resign.

The reality is Pelosi and company are worried that Trump is about to invoke the insurrection act and thus deposing many members of the deep state who have committed many serious crimes including Treason.

Vice President Mike Pense is under pressure to go along with the democrat claim that Trump is mentally deficient to remove him under the US 25th Amendment. Pense has already betrayed the country by not rejecting fraudulent votes certified by the states of Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.The deep state is desperate to get him out of office before he can invoke the insurrection act. Trump now has command of the military 'Giant Voice' system.

The news media is part of the coup, Twitter, Facebook Instagram are all purging conservatives off of their platforms giving the radical left total control over platform speech. Trump has been permanently banned from Twitter. This is a corporate declaration of war against the United States!!

Get prepared.