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October Environment & Climate News: California Adopts 100 Percent Renewable Energy Mandate

The October issue of Environment & Climate News reports that California Gov. Jerry Berown signed a bill mandating the state’s utilities transition their electricity production completely to sources that emit zero carbon dioxide by 2045. “S.B. 100 will increase energy poverty, as you already have people spending, at least in the Central Valley, up to 15 percent of their monthly income on energy costs. So, it is unclear how people, many of whom are already struggling to pay their electricitiy bills, will be able to do so when you put S.B. 100 in place,” said California Assemblywoman Melissa Melendez (R-Lake Elsinore).

Also in this issue:

Shock! Antarctica Still Doing Just Great

Antarctic melting faster than evah!

This has been the global warming scare story of the week, heavily promoted by the usual suspects, including Time, CBS, the Washington Post, the Guardian, the New York Times and, inevitably, the BBC.

Actually, no. Antarctica is doing fine. It's the false evidence that is creating the illusion that sea levels are rising:

Don’t Overlook Nuclear Energy in Climate Concerns

Isaac Orr, Detroit News
In a recent article titled “The New Battle Plan for the Planet’s Climate Crisis,” Bill McKibben, a radical climate activist and founder of, argued Earth is rapidly warming and immediate action must be taken to reduce human-caused greenhouse-gas emissions. To do so, McKibben advocates a massive build-out of wind and solar power, but he never mentions one of the most obvious and efficient energy sources available: nuclear. The omission is no mistake; McKibben and his environmental pals reject nuclear energy, even though it’s the only way to immediately reduce carbon-dioxide emissions. READ MORE

Smart Technology

Another Smart Meter Fire—Who Really Is Liable For Damages?

By Catherine J. Frompovich Yet another AMI Smart Meter fire occurred on a Canadian house.  The smart meter damage cost the homeowner $5,000! Listen carefully…

Smart Meters Can Overbill By Up To 582 Percent Higher Than Actual Consumption, Study Reveals

In California, Exploding “Smart Meters” Spy on Your Water Use

Alternate Energy Sources

Municipal Waste combustion (later)

New Device Turns Wasted Heat Into Energy

Finally Another Use for Those Annoying Packing Peanuts

It's extremely cheap to build solar panels to supplement your home heating. The most amazing part is, you can make one out of soda cans, plexiglass and plywood. 

All the instructions are at the Free On Plate website at this link.

The Real Purpose Behind Global Warming

Must Read Lecture: Top Physics Prof Nails the ‘Global Warming’ Myth

The United Nations is to vote later this week for a climate treaty on steroids - stronger more all-encompassing and more legally binding than the ailing Paris accord

The true environmental problem seems to be human breathing accounting for nearly half of the natural CO2 in the atmosphere exclusive of natural gas consumption and the automobile.

Man is therefore viewed as an 'eco-cancer' by globalists and other crackpot scientists who presume the masses are destroying the earth. Yet there is NO evidence of significant temperature increases across the globe despite CO2 releases many times larger than the earth's natural carbon dioxide content. WHY? Because plants metabolize CO2 at faster rates and more limestone is formed according to the concentration driving force governed by reaction Kinetics.

Atmospheric equilibrium is maintained and once more the law of Conservation of Mass is vindicated. The normal plant-animal cycle diagram (PDF) depicts the carbon flow between plants and animals.  (You may open the diagram to read or download by clicking the  down arrow in the menu. )

Calculation Basis: 

From Appendix C, we see that the Incident Air Volume over the U.S. at 1000 ft is 1.056 x 1015 ft3. But, lets examine the earth's atmospheric bottle at just 10 ft above grade for our chart purposes. Since CO2 occurs naturally in the atmosphere at approximately 0.04% by volumeCO2now. org indicates the Nov 2015 atmospheric CO2 concentration at 400.16 parts per million, normal variation within the 0.04% atmospheric concentration. So our atmospheric concentration per the chart is calculated as:

3,787,425 miles2  x   (5,280 ft)2 / 1 mile2  x  10 ft above grade  x  0.04% CO2 / ft3 of air  =  4.22 x 1013 ft3 of CO2 at a 10 ft elevation in our chosen atmospheric bottle.

Appendix D shows the most significant man made sources of greenhouse gases. Note that the single largest contributor to atmospheric greenhouse gas is the industrial use of natural gas followed closely by the automobile. The war on fossil fuel has accomplished nothing more than to increase natural gas consumption. Now you know the underlying motive behind the de-industrialization of America and shipping manufacturing jobs overseas.

Most importantly, note that if both natural gas consumption and the automobile were totally eliminated, human breathing would be the dominant source of greenhouse gas as shown in the above chart. This is the underlying impetus for globalists to force the world's population down to around 1 billion people by any and all means available.  ISIS Created by US & NATO Training & Recruiting Jihadists  is very likely one such means  

Killing off vast numbers of the world's population is science Czar John Holdren's response to climate change in the 1977 book 'Ecoscience', co-authored by Holdren and colleagues Paul and Anne Ehrlich. Natural News has noted that ".. we've already seen shocking statements from many scientists about their desire to use genetically engineered viral strains to accomplish global depopulation goals."  The 'final solution' is to kill vast numbers of the population to effect a three-fold reduction in carbon dioxide because fewer people use less gasoline and natural gas which translates to less carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

Carbon Taxes

States looking to Pass Pollution Credit Legislation to Fund Welfare & Kickbacks 

Report Confirms: Carbon Capture & Storage Not Magic Cure for Global Warming 

Reasons to Oppose a Carbon Tax

H. Sterling Burnett, Climate Change Weekly

The Carbon Tax Scam

Alan Caruba, The Heartland Institute
Carbon dioxide (CO2) is vital to all life on Earth, but most particularly to every piece of vegetation that grows on it. Top climatologists tell me it plays a very small role, if any, in Earth’s climate or weather. Why would anyone expect a gas that represents 400 parts per million of all atmospheric gases, barely 0.04% of all atmospheric gases, to have the capacity to affect something as huge and dynamic as the weather or climate?...READ MORE

Research & Commentary: State Carbon Taxes
Taylor Smith, The Heartland Institute
Carbon tax proponents argue carbon dioxide is a “pollutant” and taxing emissions of it will reduce its harm. Heartland Institute President Joseph L. Bast, however, notes CO2 emissions are a “measure of energy use,” which is “the single most important input into our economy.” The carbon tax, essentially a tax on energy use, would do significant harm to the economy...READ MORE

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