News Briefs

Florida Man Threatens to ‘Shoot Up’ Disney World on Facebook- No mention of account Suspension

Texas School District Approves Concealed Carry for Teachers

PROSECUTE CIA's John Brennan !!!

Illinois Is Better Off Bankrupt

Nat. Archives Stumble onto New Obama Scandal — ‘Wholesale Destruction’ of Gov’t Records

Lawsuit: State Dems Funneled $84 Million to Clinton Campaign

Phill Kline Lost His Law License for Investigating Planned Parenthood and Can’t Get It Back

Armed Citizen Shoots, Kills Carjacker in Walmart Parking Lot

Michigan Bans “Material Support or Resources” for Warrantless Federal Surveillance

Full Text: Inspector General Report into FBI-Clinton Collusion Released

Is this the beginning of the end for the Deep State?

Wolf Blitzer Insists: CNN ‘not the enemy of the American people’

‘We hate  love the American people,’ claims CNN host

Arizona Foster Care System Revealed as Pedophile Ring: Former Foster Child Tortured for Years Sues for $15 Million

Fitton: Judicial Watch Uncovers Hidden Strzok Emails in Clinton-Lynch Tarmac Documents

Free Tommy From The Media Blackout Prison

British people waking up to country's authoritarianism
Journalist sentenced to 13 months in prison for reporting on muslim grooming gangs in the UK

Facebook Is Hiring “News Credibility Specialists” That Will Pass Judgment On Which Sites Are “Credible” And Which Sites Are Not...

One Dead, Two Overdosed at Boston Children’s Hospital

Council on Foreign Relations Tells Gov’t They “Have To” Use Propaganda on Americans

By Jay Syrmopoulos The Council on Foreign Relations delivered an Orwellian presentation recently that unsurprisingly went unnoticed in the mainstream media, in which CFR’s Richard Stengel…