by Allen Williams Thu 2 Aug 2018 CST

The Value of Cabinet Appointments in a Globalist World

Appointments to federal agencies serve a duplicate purpose, first to administer the tasks of the particular agency and more importantly to provide a lucrative payoff for services rendered to the winning candidate.  To wit:  “For years, CEI has called for numerous ways to increase federal savings by getting rid of programs that cost more than they deliver to the American people, such as: Green Climate Fund, The Economic Development Administration, OPIC” not to mention the departments of Consumer Affairs, Energy and Education.

US government cabinet appointments by the presidential winner exist to provide cover for illicit and often illegal practices of globalist organizations if the Obama administration is any indication.

A prime example is The Wikileaks revelation that the Clinton Foundation with its ‘pay for play’ policy is involved in child trafficking.The following site confirms that the trafficking of human beings that is being done in Haiti is not new. It is a multi-billion dollar operation that has been going on for a long time, of which the Clintons appear to being taking advantage.” Trafficking in Human Beings (INTERPOL – International Police Organization).  And then there is the  Clinton Criminal Enterprise on Weiner’s Computer.

Political appointments to lucrative or prestigious government cabinet positions have been a longtime American practice that has increasingly fostered abuse under control of the corporations and financial powers known as the deep state. 
Cabinet posts may also serve as a command center for managing a global effort to form a one-world government.  The globalist push under Secretary Clinton to replace Syria’s Assad and Hillary’s uranium deal with the Russians is an example of how to advance an agenda.

The best way to protect yourself and your cronies from prosecution for criminal activity in a cabinet post is to own the government.  This makes it easier to force unwanted policies such as population control, sexual deviancy’, intimacy groping disguised as air traffic safety, health care, etc on an unwilling citizenry.  

Establishing a ‘new media’ to silence critics of the new authoritarianism through censorship of controversial topics on social media, illegal spying, abusive regulations, and tax audits.  Agency policies help ‘mind condition’ the populace to be passive towards the intrusive methods of governance by a despotic regime.

It doesn’t matter which political party is in power, globalism controls America’s one party political system along with half the world through lobbyists and foreign aid.  Two Things Government Wants Desperately to Control: - Gold and People.  It’s the administration of debt and poverty that enables elitists to dictate redistribution of people and resources. War is the favorite vehicle to rapidly and dramatically uproot people and force change.

Refugees are therefore essential to reshaping the customs, social interactions and topography of the new global order.  Migration is invasion despite whatever euphemism you care to employ and is reshaping the world landscape beginning in Europe, as in Globalist: We’ll Force EU to Accept More Muslim MigrantsIt’s far easier to change and retain control of a country when you add new residents that are dependent on government money.

Globalism advances through propaganda designed to create victimization and racism to undermine the nation’s values.  Psychological attacks are intended to destroy the heritage of the target country as in the removal of historical figures and religious statues.  Anything that “contradicts the values of multiculturalism” is by globalist design ‘racist and misogynist’.

The new artificial politically correct swamp world is structured by a myriad of elites including the Atlantic Council, a globalist think tank whose members include Henry Kissinger and Dina Powell.  Using propaganda to move Americans in the desired direction has become the norm in the progressive revolution.  Recognize that technology used by these same people is intended to thwart freedom and limit constitutional rights as in NSA Documents Prove Surveillance of Donald Trump & His Family

The Deep State is currently in a stationary panic over Donald Trump’s election and the damage he’s done to their global enterprise.  Due to his popularity and an inability thus far to disenfranchise his base, elections will have to be ‘better managed’.  

Rigged elections can ensure near 100% continuance of swamp world while providing the general populace with a false sense of democracy.  The process features favorable media propaganda for the chosen few.  Remember only 6 corporations own 90% of America’s news outlets so expecting them to ‘play ball’ for their owners is not a big reach

A hacker has already demonstrated just how easy altering a voting machine is.  And we further have admission that remote software has been downloaded into voting machines.  Only men and women whom the financiers have sufficiently indebted are suitable candidates. 

Once elected the indebted are introduced to machine politics, how to function in various federal positions and where appropriate to appoint like-minded individuals to ‘the team’.  Look to Eric Holder, Valerie Jarrett and Peter Strzok as to how the system is gamed and how to manipulate it almost undetected.

Globalism is presently in a stationary panic as those in power recognize control is slipping as the public begins to understand the depth of the media disinformation game and why individual voter identification is so important.  

When the Public finally gains understanding that the education system conditions minds rather than educates them, the indoctrination programs are altered to appear as if repealed, when in fact it’s simply been renamed as in West Virginia.

Globalists can’t afford to relinquish their cartel control over education and money and still bring about their new world swamp order.


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