It's just business

       These are the people that Joe Biden works for

The CCP (communist Chinese Party) that pay Biden and his

Son millions of dollars for favors.

   Joe Biden:  “They’re not bad folks..Come on Man”



Not bad folks? Wonder what it would take in what’s left of

Joe Bidens mind to qualify as “Bad Folks”




As the left continues to push our country towards communism and the Utopian paradise

promised by the democratic socialist party we are witnessing the horrendous price being

paid by those that fell for the false promises and virtues of communism.


    This is a view into the lengths humans beings will subject themselves

and their children to in their struggle to escape the fruits of communism.

 Once rich and prosperous nations now destroyed through ignorance and

false promises from the Democratic Socialist and the Marxist left.


Extensive Report on the Fraud of which Dominion Voting Machines are capable

Unmasked: Have we uncovered the truth about the 2020 election?

An x22report on Dominion voting machine fraud observed and chronicled during the 2020 election. The reader is encouraged to download and circulate this MP4 film as authorized by the source showing significant cases of election fraud perpetrated on the citizenry during the 2020 election. The courts have so far refused to consider the hundreds of sworn affidavits documenting fraud as well as the Antrim county Michigan Dominion analysis demonstrating fraud.

Watch as Dominion voting machines ALLOW multiple scanning of the same votes without rejection. See China and Iran accessing our votes through Dominion internet connections. Observe the sudden inexplicable spikes in BIden's votes during the early hours of November 5th to take the lead. These scans demonstrated the same Trump/Biden split throughout the various states.